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Interdisciplinary collaborative approaches to learning and teaching (InCollab)



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Project Summary

For higher education institutions to effectively play a role in increasing graduates' employability across the EU, it is necessary to overcome their institutionalisation and compartmentalisation of knowledge within the traditional disciplinary frameworks and embrace interdisciplinary approaches to education in a digital era.

In line with this need, the main objective of the project is to develop, promote and integrate innovative interdisciplinary, collaborative content-based approaches to language learning and teaching. This objective will be achieved by redesigning the learning environment through enhancing in-class HE instruction with innovative online modules in English, Spanish and/or German as a medium of instruction.

The online modules will combine skill and content-based approaches with foreign language learning and teaching and will enable students to individualise and internationalise learning pathways through the promotion of collaborative digital practices. Additionally, the project enables the validation and harmonisation of assessment frameworks across partner curricula in EU HEIs through the internationalisation of HE shared content.

The direct project beneficiaries will be 24 HE educators based at the project partner universities. Approximately 600 students across the partner HEIs will be directly involved in using the innovative online modules produced during the project period. Indirect project beneficiaries include approximately 140 other HE staff members and educators, who are involved in follow-up trainings and workshops, as well as about 1500 new students per year at the partner HEIs.

The legacy of this project will be a project website providing innovative open educational resources for language and skill/content based blended e- and m-learning resources including: innovative online modules, methodological guidelines for educators, and case studies to guarantee further post- project dissemination and the replication of best practice. The project activities will increase the human capital of teachers who will share their knowledge not only by training others but also by influencing students and future teachers in EU HE and lifelong training projects. Finally, HE students will be better trained in interdisciplin ary approaches and 21st century transversal skills and thereby more employable across the EU.